We would’ve touched on how everyone’s doing during this part (even most of the background characters, just to show progression), but this is the most important stuff.

Ten’s distracted with research and the whole Kiva/Raj situation.
Kiva’s pretty happy with where her life is at the moment and is enjoying her no strings attached whatever it is with Raj.
Jovi is super focused on having some Jovi-improvement time (with socialization thrown in too, of course, but in a more balanced way.)
And Raj is just absolutely tickled at how flustered and uncomfortable Ten gets whenever his partner is mentioned in even a vaguely sexual way.  Because (hahaha omg) Kiva is gorgeous and amazing and Ten’s seriously never noticed?


In other news, fingers crossed that I’ll have a new job in the next week or two?
I interviewed and am now waiting on the background check/general seal of approval of the people who will be hiring me.  But I think it looks really good, so…???
Just waiting to hear back now.