I had this page ready to roll before the site crashed, but I’m actually glad I couldn’t post it right away.  The downtime gave me an opportunity to rewrite it a few times, and I like this version better.

Also!  For those of you who aren’t on Discord, and don’t follow me on Tumblr, I have a thing for sale!

All my patrons who signed up for a free charm have gotten theirs, and the rest had their shot at dibs, so now I’m putting the rest of these up for grabs for the general public.

Details:  One-sided 2″ acrylic charm of Ten and the Twins.  The back is is a sparkly black.  While I plan to make other charms in the future, this is the ONLY printing I’m doing of this design because it was a Patreon thing, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.  They’re $10 each, plus $3 shipping.  If you’d like one, shoot me a message.  (avsaroke@gmail.com)  I’ve got about 30 left.