And with Tikav, the cast is rounded out!  We’ve finally got everyone!  *cheers*

He’s been added to the cast page and everyone’s age has been updated to be current.  We’re currently halfway through Ten’s second year, just at the end of the sixth month.

Okay, some news, for those of you who don’t follow me on Tumblr:

I’ve been super sick for the last three weeks.  Even ended up going to the ER last weekend because I was in too much pain to walk.  It’s been pretty awful and I’ve been exhausted and weak and just not feeling like myself.  At first I thought it was food poisoning, but I’m not sure anymore.  Three weeks seems like too long for that.  So far all of the tests I’ve had done haven’t told me anything, but I’m still waiting for the most recent batch to come back.  I’ve felt better these last two days though so hopefully it’s finally going away for good.  *knocks on wood*

On a positive note, I FINALLY have a new job!

It was super nerve-wracking – I spent most of November interviewing and obsessing over it, but I beat out 43 other people for a wonderful position at a local plant company and started working there at the end of November.  It felt great to quit my retail merchandising job.  Zero regrets.  And my new job is so good!  I work as a grower in greenhouses closed to the public, so it’s just me and other staff members.  Everyone is super nice, and the company takes care of its employees.  I feel cared about there, not just like another number in the system, even though I just started and no one really knows me yet.  My work days are a lot longer than they used to be and I don’t have much personal time during the week, but I’m a lot happier and much less stressed.  And my whole job is plants!  Yay plants!

But yes, I just wanted to remind you guys if you want to keep up with what’s going on with me, you can check out my Tumblr page.  I have a tag that’s just for my personal stuff so you don’t have to wade through all my reblogs if you don’t want to.  Pertinent things in my life, pets, etc etc.  (… Why comic updates are so slow now *cough cough*)