Getting this story rolling again.

It’s not -normal- but things like this certainly do happen sometimes.  The kilm government is willing to look the other way, or make adjustments when it comes to “mandatory training” if enough cash is forked over.

Since we won’t be exploring it in actual comic form, I’ll describe the apartment a bit.  It’s not lavish by any means.  Certainly not up to snuff as far as Akiba’s family would be concerned, but it’s one of the best available residencies available onboard.  An apartment one of the higher ranking staff might occupy.  Akiba has her own private kitchen and bathroom (with both dust and water bathing options), a living room (a NICE one – couches and an entertainment system), closets for storage, and a spacious bedroom.  If she chose to, she would only have to leave for training and classes – she wouldn’t have to interact with other kilm at all, which is what her family would prefer.

Akiba, by principle, doesn’t like doing what her family would prefer.