ten-profile-2Sar’ Ten Rhent Teich

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  6/27/3021

Age:  37 (~16)

Placement:  Second-year pilot, Orange squadron cadet

Bio:  Ten is everyone’s best friend and honorary little brother. He has a sweet, sunny, sometimes childish personality and loves to make people happy. He’s also highly intelligent, though he plays it down.  His view of the law is flexible, and he enjoys breaking it in small ways, but he would never do anything to purposefully hurt another person.  Above all, he is an optimist at heart.


Kar’ Akibaterra Nola Kehar
(aka Akiba/Aki)

Gender:  Female

Birthday:  1/9/3021

Age:  37 (~16)

Placement:  Second-year pilot, Blue squadron cadet

Bio:  Akiba was born into a famously wealthy high class T’hyrian family.  She’s quiet and intelligent, her upbringing allowing her to gracefully and diplomatically deal with most social situations.  At the same time, she’s driven and remarkably self-possessed.  She knows what she wants out of life and will do whatever she has to to achieve her goals.


Kar’ Kiva Raxar Tomith

Gender:  Female

Birthday:  9/13/3021

Age:  36 (~ 15)

Placement:  Second-year WSO, Orange squadron cadet

Bio:  Kiva is a loner by nature.  She can be angry, bitter, and violent at times, but is slowly mellowing out and learning to open up a little.  While she still requires a lot of alone time, she’s begun to enjoy socializing with Ten and Jovi.  A little.  In small doses.  Her main focus is still getting through her training.


Sar’ Rajel Siard Lor (aka Raj)

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  1/20/3021

Age:  37 (~ 16)

Placement:  Second-year pilot, Red squadron cadet

Bio:  Raj is an easy-going guy with a big heart.  Prone to following his gut feelings more than his head, he can sometimes end up in trouble, but it never bothers him too much.  He rolls with the punches and usually comes out with a smile on his face.  And maybe a saucy wink.  He can be quite the flirt when he’s in the mood.


Sar’ Jael Verdar Siat

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  11/23/3019

Age:  38 (~ 16)

Placement:  Fourth-year pilot, Red squadron cadet

Bio:  Jael is that cool but unsettling kid that every school seems to have. He’s a gifted liar and manipulator who is really, really good at getting around the security protocols of the academy for his own shady purposes. On the other hand, he’s also the one to go to if you want to have a good time. Jael knows how to get all the fun stuff. It’s just best not to cross him.


Kar’ Trin Sel Kain (aka Trini)

Gender:  Female

Birthday:  12/5/3020

Age:  37 (~ 16)

Placement:  Third-year CSO, Red squadron cadet

Bio:  Trini is a sweetheart. A bit on naive, but very sweet. She has an obsession with beautiful, glamorous things and would like nothing better than to be swept up in a grand romance by a rich, powerful kilmi someday. In the meantime, she pays close attention to the doings of the upper class and does her best to emulate them. In her own mind, she’s a princess in the making.


Sar’ Jovent Drev Sent (aka Jovi)

Gender:  Male

Birthday: 8/28/3019

Age:  38 (~ 16)

Placement:  Fourth-year techie, Orange squadron cadet

Bio:  Jovi is a kind, open-minded soul. He lives next to Ten and keeps odd hours, often studying late into the night. Despite his crushing workload, Jovi is highly social and never turns down an opportunity to hang out with his friends. He’s a bit eccentric, but is comfortable enough in his own skin to not worry about other people’s opinion of who he is.


Sar’ Tikav Mena Mar

Gender:  Male

Birthday: 5/1/3022

Age:  36 (~ 15)

Placement:  First-year techie, Blue squadron cadet

Bio:  Tikav is shy and nervous, and generally prefers his own company because he has some pretty bad social anxiety.  He’s clever and likes to lose himself in books of every sort.  He enjoys learning new things just as much as he enjoys fictional stories, and spends most of his free time reading in his room.  He’s had a hard time finding a place for himself on the station socially, but he’s doing well with his training and he’s satisfied enough with that.



Gender:  Male

Bio:  Malaiki is Ten’s pet maui. He was smuggled into the academy, and is now something of a dorm secret. Though maui are usually aloof creatures, Malaiki is downright unfriendly and can get aggressive if bothered too much. As long as he’s being fed he’s happy enough to be left to his own devices. From time to time he gets adventurous and tries to go exploring, but he always gets grabbed by someone before he can get out of the building. No one really knows how old is or where he came from. Ten adopted him 16 years ago off the street and that was that.


Sare’ Tatith Harn Vidax

Gender:  Male

Birthday: 2/2/2944

Age:  115 (~ 50)

Placement:  Orange squadron Commander

Rank:  2nd Lieutenant

Bio:  Tatith is an angry, angry person. Since he’s in charge of whipping two hundred cadets into shape, that can actually be a good thing. Training that many adolescents requires a lot of yelling. Despite all appearances he’s doing his best to protect his charges (even if that involves trying to kick them out of the academy for their own good.) Tatith is also touchy about his past and has an extreme aversion to basking, which has reduced his skin tone to its current, sickly-looking state.



Gender:  Gender fluid

Birthday:  Unknown

Age:  Unknown

Placement:  Practice Combat Troop Leader/Secretary to the Admiral

Rank:  1st Lieutenant

Bio:  Tattle is shimsa shapeshifter, and as such doesn’t have a sex.  They use a male body as their ‘official’ military face, but will almost exclusively adopt a female body for non-official dealings. Tattle has various duties aboard the academy, and can sometimes be found training a small handful of younger shimsa, but mostly they look after personal projects. Far from helping out other staff members, Tattle takes pleasure in fostering the harmless rule-breaking that goes on around the academy and messing with the security director.


Vahli and Nolar (aka Li and La)

Gender:  Male

Birthday: Unknown

Age:  Unknown

Bio:  Li (left) and La (right) are the twin spirits of Kahmith’s moons.  The youngest of Nox’s children, they are wild and impetuous, and not particularly bright.  They act on whims to further their own amusement, and are loyal only to each other and Nox.  Though physically identical, Li often has a softer, amused expression and is generally regarded as “the nice one,” while La tends to come across as the more irritable and aggressive of the two.  Li also tinted with green, while La is tinted with purple.


Supporting Characters

(The people who lurk in the background need love too!)




jajij-profile-2Sar’ Jajij Flip Vezin

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  10/10/3018

Age:  39 (~17)

Placement:  Fifth-year pilot, Purple squadron cadet

Bio:  Jajij bleeds self-confidence. He’s smart, funny, and good-looking, and he knows it. He also happens to be extremely nice, which negates a lot of his potential to be a huge jerk. Mostly Jajij just likes to have fun, especially if it involves some form of harmless delinquency. Jajij also serves as the voice of the academy during the morning announcements. He got the job towards the end of his first year, during which he was still quiet, shy, and well-behaved: a period of time he jokingly refers to as “The Dark Years.”


kal-profile-2Sar’ Kal Taran Niro

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  5/19/3018

Age:  40 (~17)

Placement:  Fifth-year WSO, Purple squadron cadet

Bio:  Kal is widely known as “the good-luck charm”.  This is half due to his inexplicable talent for knowing when trouble is heading his way (and how to avoid it), and half because of his heterochromia.  He’s what you might call sophisticatedly rude, but is well-liked enough, both because he still manages to be somewhat charming and because he’s partnered with Jajij.


jana-profile-2Kar’ Jana Oshara Vanin

Gender:  Female

Birthday: 6/2/3021

Age: 37 (~16)

Placement:  Second-year pilot, Orange squadron cadet

Bio:  Jana is a nice person, but a little misguided.  In her first year she had a small crush on Ten, but has since moved on. Sometimes she gets in a little over head and needs her partner, Kani, to help her out and bring her to her senses.


kani-profile-2Sar’ Kani Sarit Taran

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  4/12/3021

Age:  37 (~16)

Placement:  Second-year WSO, Orange squadron cadet

Bio:  Kani is one of the good guys. He doesn’t start things but he has no problem finishing them, and always has Jana’s back.


Sar’ Tav Jent Rel

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  9/14/3021

Age:  36 (~15)

Placement:  Second-year WSO, Orange squadron cadet

Bio:  Tav is the very definition of a wall flower.  He enjoys being around other people, but if there’s any sort of drama or fighting he’s the first to duck out.  He spends a lot of his time with Jana and Kani.


Kep profileSar’ Kep Filven Zat

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  3/26/3019

Age:  39 (~17)

Placement:  Fourth-year techie, Red squadron cadet

Bio:  Arguably the most intelligent of Jael’s group, Kep is something of a computer enthusiast.  He likes to pick things apart, figure out how they work, and make them work for him.  This tendency unfortunately also extends into how he handles his relationships with others.


Jak profileSar’ Jak Tov Doren

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  7/13/3019

Age:  38 (~16)

Placement:  Fourth-year CSO, Red squadron cadet

Bio:  Jak is a person with only two apparent passions in his life:  His red bandana, which he is never voluntarily without, and cake.  The boy has a intense, possibly worrisome relationship with cake.  He also has a problem with authority figures.  This sometimes includes Jael, and typically does not end well for him.


Sar’ Serim Aris Jenar

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  8/20/3020

Age:  38 (~16)

Placement:  Third-year CSO, Blue squadron cadet

Bio:  Serim is a pretty okay guy.  He’s not a big fan of rules, but on his own is too cautious to actually break them.  He’s a quiet, rather complacent member of Jael’s group, often deferring to the others.  He may or may not be a bit of a firebug.


Rus profileSar’ Rusek Pensa Hart

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  8/11/3019

Age:  38 (~16)

Placement:  Third-year field medic, Red squadron cadet

Bio: Soft-spoken and watchful, Rus can be a little enigmatic at times.  He doesn’t like to share personal details or opinions on important matters, but he’s a willing participant in any scheme that Jael can cook up.  He’s also probably the only one of the group who isn’t at least a little afraid of Jael.





Kare’ Felda Nan Tinar

Gender:  Female

Birthday:  7/17/2943

Age:  115 (~ 50)

Placement:  Civilian Teacher

Bio:  Felda teaches a class called Basic Theory of Space Travel to first-year students. She’s kind and supportive, but will get on someone’s case if she feels the need. She’s highly critical of the way the academy treats her students.



Gender:  Female

Birthday:  3/11/3011

Age:  48

Placement:  Civilian Teacher

Bio:  Ataessia teaches several T’hyrian language classes. She’s a quiet, scholarly person who mostly keeps to herself outside of her academic obligations. She enjoys her job and especially likes to see her brighter students progress.


Sar’ Don Shevi Palk

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  3/17/2991

Age:  67 (~ 29)

Placement:  Security Director

Rank:  1st Lieutenant

Bio:  Don is downright obsessive about his position as the station’s security director.  He sees danger lurking around every corner, and though he has a small staff to help him, he often over-works himself trying to identify and neutralize potential threats.  It’s not unusual for him to work for days without rest, which only makes him more demanding and on-edge.  To put it nicely, he’s not the most popular person on the station.  Because he overreacts to things so spectacularly, it’s become somewhat of a sport among the station’s troublemakers to try to set him off.  He has also rung up an impressive number of nicknames (all courtesy of Tattle), the current favorites being S.D., Security Don, Shevi, Donni-boy, and “the wettest of blankets.”  Don does not approve of any of these.


Kare’ Maev Ivi Rel

Gender:  Female

Birthday: 4/19/2917

Age:  141 (~ 61)

Placement:  Commanding Officer

Rank:  Admiral

Bio:  Maev is your standard unflappable older lady.  You could say she’s been around the block a few times.  Now in her later years, she works in what she considers semi-retirement as the Commanding Officer aboard Altair 7309.  Some might think her too permissive and light-handed, but she’s run the station successfully and without incident for many years, largely due to her experience and excellent handling of her subordinates.


luka-profile-2Sar’ Luka Tal Veran

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  5/8/2976

Age:  82 (~ 35)

Placement:  Second in Command

Rank:  Major

Bio:  Chronically overworked, Luka does his best to juggle his position as personnel director, head of the command center, and whatever else his standing as second in command throws at him.  While Maev is the official head of the station, Luka is the one who keeps things running smoothly.  He spends most of his time running around putting out proverbial fires.


Sar’ Jariv Kala Rin

Gender:  Male

Birthday:  9/16/2987

Age:  70 (~ 30)

Placement:  Third in Command

Rank:  Captain

Bio:  As the academy’s third in command, Jariv is in charge of the medial and engineering departments, as well as all other non-military staff.  A combination of a naturally laid back personality and a less demanding job than most lets Jariv be “the nice guy” of the station, and he often looks for ways to help out others (usually Luka) with administrative work to make their lives easier.


Kar’ Jattamina Soltem Nomar

Gender:  Female

Birthday:  11/24/2996

Age:  61 (~ 26)

Placement:  Head of Engineering

Rank:  Specialist

Bio:  Jattamina has a surprisingly flippant view of military concerns and procedures for someone who lives on an Altair academy.  She does her job and does it well, and that’s what matters to her.  She has a well-meaning, rough and tumble attitude and often gets lumped in as “one of the guys”, which is just fine with her.  She’s also very close with her staff and sees to it that they’re treated fairly by the rest of the crew.  Most of her time is spent working in the guts of the station, or hanging out in one of the maintenance break rooms if there are no active jobs.