All of these are from my good friend, SRES.  :)




By FourLeafFaun 


Avsaroke-Birthday smaller



By geneseepaws


Crochet Ten



Crocheted Ten by SRES


ten jedi final



By Dregogg




By Neoscottie



pixel art ten


By DrCinder





By Dace-X





By Firecrow91



half cas edit

half cas edit 2

someday edit

silver eyed girl edit by jake

trini edit





Edits by jake

Original drawings available on my DeviantArt page




“(Wishing) Not to be rescued?” by Geneseepaws

*Note, this story has adult themes.  It’s also a continuation of Geneseepaws’ other story “Aseas and Adrift” (entry in the 2012 art contest.)

“The Lone and Level Sands” by Geneseepaws

“Loss of an Anchor” by Geneseepaws

“Unrepentant, unrequited” by Palantean Writer

“Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Palantean Writer

 “Jumping Off a Cliff” by Palantean Writer

“And Into the Fire” by Palantean Writer

 “Questioning Reality, really?” by Palantean Writer


2012 Art Contest

 Drawn Entries:

by Lacy

by Geneseepaws






Written Entries:

“Transcription” by Accursed

“Asea, and Adrift” by Geneseepaws