by Accursed

Security Observations Transcript: 16:00 – 24:00, 2/18/3056
Document created by: Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret
Edited by: Kar’ Sara Dex Kal; Kar’ Mia Del Tala

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[@all: Notes are to be used for document correction and security purposes ONLY. Anyone using official channels for gossip will be reprimanded. ~ Kare’ Fel Taizen Met]

– 16:02 –
Beginning observations in Orange Squadron’s Commons, 3rd floor. Security camera footage proved fruitless so far today, but I have a feeling that something big is happening. Direct observation is always more informative, anyhow.

– 17:30 –
No major incidents yet. Kar’ Jiten was seen socializing with Jattamina earlier, approx. 16:30. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with staff spending break time with cadets, but… Those two get along too well. It worries me.
[Hey, isn’t that the cadet who plays cards with maintenance? ~ Kar’ Sara Dex Kal]
[Focus, Sara. Do you wanna bring Taizen down on us again? ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]
[Oh, come on. It’s not like she reads these drafts. You misspelled “socializing” and “technically”, by the way. ~ Kar’ Sara Dex Kal]
[Fixed both. I was in a rush, quit laughing. ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]
Sar’ Jajij and Sar’ Kal arrived at approx. 16:40, and stayed until 17:00. No obvious signs of mischief, but I caught the two of them looking my way several times. Have to keep an eye out for them this evening, they might have something planned. If I’m lucky, I can get something damning on camera this time.

– 18:21 –
Kar’ Kiva nearly assaulted another cadet in the dining hall. It was handled by a nearby staff member, but… This is the third time this week that she’s been involved in a violent act of some kind. She poses a very small threat to security; her violence doesn’t appear to be directed at anyone. That said, the next time she injures a staff member during one of her brawls, I’ll be sure to have Tatith reprimand her.
[Can someone confirm this? ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]
[Confirmed. Kar’ Kiva Raxar Tomith aggressed Sar’ Kani Sarit Taran. Possibly provoked. No actual fighting occurred. Conflict was resolved by Sare’ Tatith Harn Vidax. A note on the incident has been added to each of their files. ~ Kar’ Mia Del Tala]

– 20:05 –
Orange Squadron’s dining hall is crowded, but there haven’t been signs of activity by any known or suspected troublemakers since Kiva’s incident. My mug’s been empty for almost an hour, so I’ll get a refill from the back, and head to another spot for observations.

– 20:18 –
Spotted a cadet in the Staff Only area of the dining hall. Pursued, but I lost him in at the service elevators. I was too far to recognize him, but it was definitely Red Squadron. Wore a red bandana. I’ll have to check with Kar’ Tala, see if she can’t catch him on security cam somewhere. And I need to have a word with Commander Sharan, she is far too lax in disciplining her cadets. Maybe she can make it up to me by identifying that cadet.

– 20:53 –
Spoke with Kare’ Sela Tel Sharan. She recognized the description of the cadet as “Jak,” but didn’t have a full name on hand. I’ll let Tala handle identifying him, so I can add this to his file. More importantly, Sharan said that Jak was a friend of Kar’ Jael. Jael’s only been caught once or twice for minor brawls, but I suspect that he’s involved in the recent influx of contraband. He’s been sighted with Ten often enough to be an accomplice to whatever that menace is doing.
[Cadet’s full name is Kar’ Edin Jakar Sel. The incident has been added to his file, and a note has been added to his file and that of Kar’ Jael Verdar Siat advising further investigation of their relationship. ~ Kar’ Mia Del Tala]
[Tala, you couldn’t do a better impression of Wet Blanket if you tried. These notes are all getting deleted anyway, no need to be so formal. ~ Kar’ Sara Dex Kal]
[Sara. Focus. ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]

– 21:48 –
Searching for more signs of Jak, Ten, and Jael have turned up nothing. I’ve noticed Jajij and Kal loitering in several of the areas I’ve searched, though. It’s probable that they are involved in whatever’s going on, and are helping those cadets avoid me. Fortunately, something new has turned up; Tala just contacted me with the missing items report from the dining hall staff, and a call from Commander Tatith. Normally, reporting 4 bottles of merum missing from your “personal stash” wouldn’t engender any sympathy, but if I can catch those deviants with alcohol, I’ll finally have some solid charges to hold against them.
[What? Tatith’s been hiding merum? What a sneak! ~ Kar’ Sara Dex Kal]
[Merum’s allowed on the station for staff, Sara. Dining mostly uses it for cooking, but they can sometimes be convinced to part with a bottle. ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]

– 23:00 –
Haven’t heard word from anyone in over an hour. Spotted Jael, Jak, and another Red Squadron cadet heading for medical approx. 22:50, but by the time I got there, I’d lost track of them.

– 23:55 –
Message from maintenance, heading there now.

– 23:58 –
Evidence of trespassing and loitering discovered in Orange Squadron’s maintenance level 4. Missing items are accounted for, but… Damaged. Had to have been Ten and his hooligan friends, but there aren’t any security cameras in the maintenance hall to confirm. Have to yell at Jattamina again, and this time, remember not to leave with an “I’m busy” or “I’ll look into it.” Probably just doesn’t want… Whatever maintenance gets up to being recorded.
This investigation is closed. For now. No solid evidence to help Tatith with the meeting tomorrow, but he should have plenty to convince the other staff members so long as he reads the report I sent him. Need more tea before I turn in for the night. Been out for hours.
[“Damaged”? How exactly do you “damage” a cake? ~ Kar’ Sara Dex Kal]
[THAT’S what they took from the dining hall? Don’s been chasing cadets around the station all afternoon over a cake? ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]
[Yeah, didn’t you read the message from dining? Jattamina requested it for a party for maintenance this weekend. She’s gonna be mad that it got swiped. ~ Kar’ Sara Dex Kal]
[And Tatith’s merum, too… Sounds like someone get the party started early. ;D ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]
[ Ahem. ~ Kar’ Mia Del Tala]
[Transcript is complete, double- and triple-checked for error. Ready to post final version ~ Kar’ Vait Tel Pevaret]
[ Thank you. ~ Kar’ Mia Del Tala]